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Author Topic: The Handbook - Our Rules and how our Warning System Works  (Read 6891 times)

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The Handbook - Our Rules and how our Warning System Works
« on: September 01, 2010, 12:13:05 AM »
*Welcome to the Dragon Swamp a.k.a DBC or Dragon Breeders Cave*

It's always nice as a new member to introduce yourself and start building up that post count! You can do so on the Introduction Board.

Here is a basic list of guidelines to keep in mind when joining us.

** #1 RULE - Adult content is not allowed on this forum. Anyone posting porn or adult photo's etc will be BANNED immediately.  No warnings on this one. Also watch your language! We have members here as young as 11, and golden's son comes through and plays the arcade and he is only 9. So let that be your guide on age appropriateness. We want to be as family friendly as possible. Anything of a sexual content or even art containing nudity is NOT tolerated. Also do not LINK to other sites containing it anywhere on this site, including profiles, caves and signatures.

** NO SPAM in any form.  Posting nonsense in threads one after the other to gain post count will be given a warning.  Continued spam will get you removed from our forum. One word posts and posts with only smilies one after the other will be removed.

** We ask if you add babies into our hatcheries that you try and view the hatchery and/or click as often as you can!

** We require new members to have a post count of 10 before adding their babies into the DC Hatchery.

** You must have a post count of 25 to get a Cave and be a participating member for more than 2 WEEKS.  Any cave without activity after 60 days *may* be removed without warning so please, keep them updated.

** If you disappear from the swamp for more than 60 days your account *may* be removed and you will have to re-register if/when you return.

** No PM'ing other members to harass them or to beg for stuff, including asking for things on their scroll, this will get you warned, and banned if it's done repeatedly. If you want to trade then please USE THE TRADING BOARD and post your trade, NOT by PM'ing other members unless that is what they ask for in their signature or in their trading thread.

**No drumming up of new members for other sites in threads or PM's, signature banners allowed for other sites within reason. No recruitment of staff.

**No banner images taller than 200 pixels please, maximum signature length of 6 inches.

**Name graphics are given out to members who have met certain requirements, staff and are occasionally given out as prizes in contests. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not have one. Pestering staff to get one will result in a warning. Repeated pestering will see you added to a blacklist and you will never receive one.

**No mini-modding. Please leave modding to our staff.


**If you break any of the above rules you may receive a warning, warnings are set in 5% incremements with the lowest being 5%.

**You should receive a notification with your warning via PM.

**When you reach 10% you are on our watch list until you drop below 10%.

**When you reach 15% you are black-listed from all Contests until you make it back down to 0%

**When you reach 60% you can no longer post in the forums. At this point depending upon the reasoning behind the warnings you may be banned as well.

**Your warning level will begin dropping 24 hours after you've received your warning, the level will drop at the rate of 1% per 24 hour period.

**Warnings aren't open for debate. If a mod feels the need to warn you then that means you broke a rule, whether you realized it at the time or not.

**Warnings can't be retracted once given, so trying to argue them, or harassing a mod about it may just result in more warnings.

**An admin can't retract warnings given by mods either, so running to an admin over a warning given by a mod is pointless.

**If you have questions over how things work best to ask in the FAQ board and/or READ the above rules thoroughly before posting or PM'ing others.

**Our best advice is to make sure you read the rules of the board you are visiting if there is a specific stickied rule thread BEFORE you post, and to read the rules of the Contests prior to posting in a contest thread.

Thank You

Rule Quotes
"No sniveling, whining, complaining or begging will be tolerated." Nerruse

More info on recent rule updates and general Swamp "dos" can be found in our Rule Reminder.
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