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The Dragon Breeders Cave

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Author Topic: The Forest  (Read 463 times)

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The Forest
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:22:02 PM »
The Forest
  As you step out of the glade Dervish starts to lead you toward what seems to be a cave covered in vines.  However, she walks right through them, and then beckons for you to do the same.
    “Like you know there is a part of Araulen that is forest, but the majority of Araulen is surrounded by a ring of short mountains like these with entrances scattered around every so often.” She says as she guides you through a tunnel that is lit only by a type of glowing fungus you have not seen before.  Before long you have lost track of how long you have been in the tunnel, but then just around a corner you see the light of day again.  Dervish guide you around the corner, and you exit the tunnel.
    “First I will take you to see where the forest dragons live” She says and begins to guide you farther into the sea of trees.
    As you walk forward you begin to notice hollows in trees that must be as old as Dervish, and you can tell that dragons have been living here because of gouges in trees and rock as well as other signs of habitation.  From the looks of it there are a lot of dragons living here, and you ask say to Dervish, “Wow! I cannot believe there are this many Dragons living within the forest there must be hundreds here!”
    Dervish just looks at you for a moment and lets out a long laugh.  You ask her “What is so funny?” Worried you missed out on something.
    Dervish just looks at you and says, “There are nearly 2300 Dragons living in Araulen human.”  This is only about 20% of them.”  “Now let me introduce you to the oldest dragons who live in the forest.”  She guides you to a tree that is even bigger than the rest.  Around it are several dragons, who are apparently the elders that Dervish is talking about.

As you approach the dragons they turn their attention towards you, and from what appears to be a Dragon made out of stone you hear, “Welcome stranger.  My name is Noctanis, and today I speak for the forest elders.” The dragon says as she gestures toward the gathered dragons. “It is not often that we get visitors the in the land of Araulen, and we hope that you will enjoy your time spent here.” The dragon then turns to Dervish and asks, “Have you come to take back your spot in the circle of elders Dervish?
    You turn in surprise and stare at Dervish as she states, “You know what my answer will be.  It will be the same as the last twenty times you have asked me.  I am not mad for sitting around and helping govern the forests.  I need to wander and to do what I feel is right.  Not sit around and act my age.”
    You look at Dervish and say, “You said you are over a thousand years old.  Are any of these dragons here older than you?”
    Noctanis turns to you and says, “We are indeed visitor.  There is only one around this tree who is younger than Dervish, and that is her own mate Hrothgar."She nods towards another white dragon".  I myself am the oldest dragon in Araulen.” She states, with more than a little pride.
    You look at Noctanis and ask, “Well how old are you then?
    Noctanis then says, “I am One thousand eight hundred thirty five years old.”
    Having heard Dervish make a similar claim you are not shocked by this, but it is still amazing that you are speaking to a creature that has lived so long.
    Noctanis turns back to Dervish and says, “ If you still will not join us, then do your job as guide and show the visitor through the forest.” She then looks back at you and says, ”I sense something different about this visitor.” She walks back towards you and examines you more closely.  “Yes, I believe they can be trusted.  Show them any place that you desire in a reasonable amount of time.  Show our guest the glory of the forest, and pass them safely to the guide of the next area they will be visiting.”
    After saying this Noctanis walks back to the tree and the other elders, and they all resume their previous activities.
    Dervish gets your attention and says, “That is what I wanted to show you here.  The forest has many elders, and each guide will likely show you their area’s elders during your visit.
    You turn to Dervish and ask her, “What did Noctanis mean when she said pass me on to the next guide?”
    She says as you start to walk away, “I will not be your guide throughout all the regions of Araulen.  You will have at least six different guides throughout your stay here, and all of them will nearly as old as me if not older.  Although none are as old as Noctanis, for as she said, she is the oldest dragon in Araulen.  Now, I wonder where we should go first.  Ah, I will take you to the crystal caves.”
    “Crystal caves?”, You inquire.
    “You will see when you get there human.  It will be like nothing you have ever seen in your short life span.”
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